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Thanks to pixx.io, NOVELTEA can share their media internationally!

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“We're very satisfied. That's why we've already recommended pixx.io to some of our customers struggling with similar challenges.”
Vincent Efferroth von Noveltea
Vincent Efferoth Co-Founder and Managing Director


The British company Tea Venture Ltd. has been selling cold-brewed alcoholic tea under the brand "NOVELTEA" since 2017. In 2018, NOVELTEA crossed borders and introduced its products to the Chinese market for the first time. As expected, the tea was a success, and the company boomed. Today, delicious blends, including Earl Grey with gin, mint tea with rum, and oolong tea with whiskey, have established themselves on British, German, and Chinese markets. Thanks in no small part to the help of multi-investor Dagmar Wöhrl from "Die Höhle der Löwen."
  • Food & Beverages
  • 11 employees
  • Newcastle, UK
  • Founded 2016

The challenge

1. Sharing media with international partners
2. Creating structure through keywords

The starting point

"We use photos wherever and whenever we can, which means we incorporate images into all of our marketing activities, such as social media, websites, Amazon, etc.," Vincent Efferoth, co-founder and C.E.O. of NOVELTEA, describes to us. Little did the company know that soon they'd boom, and managing all that media with Dropbox would become highly taxing. "When we first started out, we didn't have to worry about image management much. Especially since the images and the number of employees we had were very manageable. But all that changed in such a short period and was too much to handle at some point. We noticed because the way we went about our media just wasn't effective anymore. On top of that, we have to deal with very complex rights almost daily.."

When the company first established itself on the Chinese market, a whole new problem opened up. In China, systems like Google Drive and various others weren't permitted, which meant NOVELTEA had to find a way to share media with Chinese partners. "We tried multiple software like WeTransfer but weren't at all happy with what they offered. You never knew what you had or hadn't already sent to someone, and everything was just quite a mess," Vincent explains. NOVELTEA was out of ideas and hoping for a solution. Turns out all they needed was a helpful suggestion from the Chinese Team: "Why don't you use pixx.io?"

Screenshot aus dem pixxio Mediaspace der Firma Noveltea

The solution

Following this suggestion, Vincent looked into the German company and was thrilled with what he had found: "During my research, I was particularly attracted by the fact that pixx.io works visually. However, what really won me over was the ease with which third-party sharing was possible. And that wasn't all! Another feature, allowing partners to upload content to the system, also played a major role in our decision to go with pixx.io." Life is just more enjoyable with pixx.io's Smart Collections. That's because collaborating and sharing with partners anywhere in the world is possible. Plus, it's quick and easy! All you have to do is select the images you'd like to share, define user permissions for the desired content, and just like that, an email is sent to the recipient without ever leaving the system. The recipient can also upload media to the shared collection to keep everyone updated from that point on if given the corresponding permissions. And the best part is that these processes don't only work in Germany or China because pixx.io can be used worldwide!

Vincent discloses yet another of pixx.io's advantages: "Having a search that employs tags or metadata was high on my priority list. That's because we have several different label versions, and using the wrong label could mean trouble. One of them, for example, isn't allowed to be used in Germany under any circumstances. But using pixx.io's H.U.L.A. (Highly Usable, Less Annoying) Search makes it much easier to ensure we don't get things mixed up."

Next to pixx.io's Smart Collections and H.U.L.A. Search, one of Vincent's favorites, is the PowerPoint integration. It makes adding images to presentations effortless and speeds up his workflow! The D.A.M. software doesn't just benefit Vincent alone but all of NOVELTEA's contributors. The Marketing and E-Commerce teams and NOVELTEA's Brand Manager all let pixx.io lend them a helping hand. Thanks to the system's versatility, everyone can utilize pixx.io regardless of the task at hand (e.g., share content with third parties, deposit edited copies, or provide input for P.R. tasks).

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