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“Images and media are essential components of our business. And we've realized that the availability of images becomes a challenge, especially with an ever-growing team like ours. But with, those problems disappeared in no time. Now, our company can quickly grow and with that our media pool. Plus, everyone can use the images in the size they need.”
Cora Schmelzer von The nucompany
Cora Schmelzer Creative director

About the nu company

The nu company is the first German company to manufacture sustainable chocolate bars. The start-up is known for its ambitious goals: healthy snacks, fair trade, plastic-free packaging, and tree planting. Besides, the company creates quite a stir by ensuring politicians and industries stay up to date on issues within environmental policies through exceptional marketing.
  • Green food start-up
  • 70 employees
  • Leipzig, Germany
  • Founded 2016
3.000 Media files
5 User
160% Efficiency improvement

The challenge

1. Clear media overview
2. Easy access
3. Customizable (file) download size

The starting point

The nu company relies on a holocracy management model, ensuring a flat hierarchy. Additionally, modern social media marketing is their strong point, which shows - hitting 60.000 followers on their Instagram page.

Reaching a position of such influence would be unthinkable without a large arsenal of images; in the case of the nu company, large means handling around 4.000 media files. That's a lot of material to manage, which usually means organizational chaos is just around the corner.

Creative director Cora Schmelzer describes the company's problems: "We have grown, meaning more people need access to our media. On top of that, we have more images to manage overall, making it difficult to get everyone access. Another struggle is that we can only save and download images in one size, which can be annoying, especially for colleagues who don't have image processing programs on their PCs and have to download huge file formats." The more the team expands, the more relevant media management becomes. It's obvious: An image management solution is needed, so creativity and digital work can go hand in hand.

Screenshot aus dem pixxio Mediaspace von the nucompany

The solution

With, organizing media is child's play. Already during upload, tags are assigned, and stored metadata is imported automatically. Cora affirms: "One of my favorite features includes the tagging function during upload - especially since tags can still be changed at a later time." And thanks to the smart search, users only have to enter a specific keyword and get all matching images within seconds. makes this possible, as all files are compiled in one place and can be retrieved simultaneously regardless of where you are. The e-commerce, design, and social media teams now finally have easy access to the nu company’s media pool and can download selected files in no time. All photos, graphics, and videos can be downloaded in the appropriate format - or just a portion can be cropped out. Furthermore, all the nu company must do when sharing certain media with third parties is share their PR folder. Certainly, the marketing agency abroad also receives collections tailored to their needs with just one click.

Cora is satisfied with other features as well: "I really like the filter functions and think it's great that collections are shareable. Besides, the fact that you can crop images before downloading them is terrific!" helps support the team during their growth: The nu company is no longer concerned about the availability of images and can fully dedicate time to other important tasks.

Organize media efficiently and effortlessly. See for yourself!

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