JPG, GIF, and PNG: when to use the different image file types
Contrary to the assumption of conspiratorial circles from creative and marketing agencies,...
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Top 5 alternative GIF formats: When to use APNG, WebP and more
Animated images are great. When they appear as memes and emojis, they are fun and bring laughter....
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Image resolution explained: what is DPI?
Anyone who has dealt with pictures has likely stumbled across the term DPI or DPI-value at some...
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3 free tools for impressive infographics
Understandable infographics with exciting topics and themes are readily shared. And when provided...
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Daily thoughts of graphic designers
I really like the color, but could you maybe change it? The real reason why graphic designers age...
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Best image file types
JPG, GIF, and PNG: when to use the different image file types

Each of these image formats is designed for a specific application and thus has a raison d’être. If you know how to use the different file types, you can significantly improve the appearance of a graphic or photo and save yourself or your graphic designer a lot of work.

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