We are pixx.io

We dream of a world where all teams can effortlessly stay on top of their media files, where there are no departments large or small dealing with daily media chaos. And where easy sharing equals caring. With pixx.io, we revolutionize run-of-the-mill Digital Asset Management!

Key figures about pixxio

Teamplayer Our founding team

As early as 17+ years ago, they founded an agency for individual software and web applications for the first time. Both enjoyed what they did, yet in 2015 reached a point at which the desire for a new challenge was powerful. Through their experience with the agency and close customer interaction, they noticed that teams of all sizes struggle/d with chaotic organization and clutter of images, videos, and other files. From that, the idea of the pixx.io box was born. It started as a mini-computer with simple image management software. But after some teething problems and first investments, it quickly became clear: pixx.io had to move to the cloud. And so that's what happened. Since the end of 2016, pixx.io has been available as a SaaS tool for teams. To date, more than 35.000 users happily rely on the simple solution that pixx.io provides to their daily work.

„Nobody is perfect. That’s why we want to constantly improve and develop ourselves personally and as a team.”
Richard Michel  CEO

Our head­quarters: Home sweet home in Mühldorf

Mühldorf, can do good software too. It doesn't always have to be San Francisco, London, or Berlin. We deliberately chose our home town as the location for our headquarters. Why? Because this is where our company, team, and culture have grown. Plus we enjoy the proximity to nature and our modern office, instead of commuting for hours. The beautiful thing is, we still get to work with and for amazing colleagues, partners, customers within Europe every day.

Our team From joy comes greatness

We have grown as a team and believe in our vision 100%. And aren't not shy about it! We're confident we've all built an excellent product together — a product that makes working with media files easier for teams daily. Still, next to all the tasks, sprints, and optimization rounds, one thing is and stays essential to us above all: GAUDI (fun) mustn't fall short.

See and discover pixx.io for yourself.

We're just as enthusiastic about our product as our customers, ranging from large and small teams in agencies to start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and big corporations. pixx.io simplifies your workflows around media files and leaves you with more productivity, freedom, and joy than ever before. Is pixx.io the right solution for you and your media files? Find out and start for free. If you need or want any additional features, later on, you can always change your package at any time.

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