Wie optimiere ich Bilder für SEO? - Überblick Google Ranking verbessern
Picture SEO: how to correctly tag your images with keywords

Searching for images in messy folder structures often takes hours. Yet with image management software and keywords, you'll be able to find what you're looking for within seconds. However, that's only a given if the tag selection fits. Don't worry! We show you how it's done in this post. That way, you'll never waste time looking for media again.

Welche Alternativen gibt es zu gif? - Überblick Animationen
Top 5 GIF alternatives: When to rather use APNG, WebP and more

More and more companies are using the GIF format to display animated images that add dynamics to their website and attract the visitors' attention. If you too like to create animated images to set yourself apart from your competition, you'll better take a look a these 5 GIF alternatives. This will help you avoiding the disadvantages of the GIF format. Find out everything you need to know about GIF alternatives in this blog article.

When to use the different image file types JPG, GIF and PNG -
JPG, GIF, and PNG: when to use the different image file types

Contrary to the assumption of conspiratorial circles from creative and marketing agencies, different image file types such as JPG, PNG, and Co. don’t exist to unsettle or annoy you. Instead, each of these image types are specifically designed for various application areas. They save you time and energy when utilized correctly. Therefore, knowing how to use these different image formats to improve the graphic display and get the best out of your work can be meaningful.  

Wie erstelle ich eine Infografik online kostenlos? - Überblick
Create infographics for free: 3 top tools for impressive visuals

Understandable infographics with exciting topics and themes are readily shared. And when provided with a unique logo, such graphics quickly become brand ambassadors. Today we'll introduce you to 3 of our favorite tools that'll help you create impressive infographics on your own.

Best video format on the web -
What is the best video format for websites?

Using videos to increase the dwell time and value of a website is possible but it also has its pitfalls. Find out which video formats and browsers go together, and which formats are suitable for online use. Additionally, we introduce you to the most common video types and codecs that make your work with videos easier. 

Was bedeutet dpi? - Überblick Unterschied zwischen dpi und ppi
Image resolution explained: what is DPI?

Anyone who has dealt with pictures has likely stumbled across the term DPI or DPI-value at some point in time. If you were left unsure about its meaning or use, don’t worry. In this short segment we discuss what DPI is, what it means, and which DPI values are best. 

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