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From freelancers to creative teams in agencies, from start-ups to small and medium-sized businesses, and big corporations – our customers have one thing in common: They all simplify their workflows with pixx.io. So start creating without distractions now!
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“The complete management process is simply more comfortable, and all our media files are just in one place now.”
“We were on the lookout for a Solution that would structure our day-to-day digital work with all media.”
“pixx.io's search and filter options support us the most in our work. Especially the automatic and manual keywording make pixx.io indispensable for the team.”
“I think pixx.io is great because it works so easily. You'll always find what you're looking for in no time at all. And our whole team quickly got the hang of it all. Everything is just very intuitive and user-friendly!”
“With pixx.io, we now find all media very easily and can quickly share them with other departments if needed.”
“The licensing system lets employees know which image rights to regard when passing on media to the press, tourism service partners, and social media. This system is a relief in everyday work for the whole team and serves the safe handling of image rights.”
“pixx.io has fundamentally simplified much of our everyday work. We now work noticeably more efficiently.”
“The introduction of pixx.io has brought us numerous simplifications. All employees can now access a central media pool, usage, and licensing rights are neatly managed, and even our sales staff create CI/CD compliant PowerPoint slides.”
“After choosing pixx.io, our media workflow instantly improved. Our team, from graphic designers to social media managers, and all other colleagues (in Marketing), access the same central media pool.”
“pixx.io is very easy to use, self-explanatory, and helps make our image selection more diverse.”
“Through pixx.io we can ensure an easy and efficient workflow in content production.”
“Thanks to pixx.io, we have been able to significantly improve our workflow. As a PR agency, we work with various files every day. We make sure to provide Journalists with the files and information they need at all times. Therefore having quick and easy access to our content is very necessary. pixx.io and the portal just make it all possible with such ease. Plus, the setup was also fast!”

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With pixx.io you can organize your files more efficiently. Highest security standards, smart search functions and easy onboarding support you.
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