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Package Description

For small teams & startups that want to stay organized as they grow.

Package Price
11 € /month and user Total /Month and annual payment
Package Main Features
  • check 25 GB per user
  • check Media portals
  • check H.U.L.A. Search
  • check Collaboration via links
  • check Convert & Crop
  • check Integrations
Package Name
Package Description

For larger teams that want to collaborate easily and strong brands.

Package Price
30 € /month and user Total /Month and annual payment
All the advantages of Basic and:
Package Main Features
  • check 50 GB per user
  • check Individual branding
  • check License management
  • check Approvals
  • check AI image recognition
  • check Individual metadata
Package Name
Package Description

For companies with individual demands and processes.

All the advantages of Pro and:
Package Main Features
  • check Fully customizable
  • check Priority support
  • check Single sign-on
  • check External user management
  • check Individual onboarding
Does someone need to create a account to see content I share with them?
You can create share links or media portals that make your files accessible to others without an account. You can control all permissions like download formats or watermarks.
How many users do i need?
Every person who actively works in your Mediaspace needs their own user. But: Not everyone who comes into contact with must have their own user. If you share e.g. single media files or collections with colleagues, partners or customers, they’re able to access, browse and download these shared files without personal user access. If a group of people need frequent access to your media files to download them, a separate portal is recommended.
Is the maximum number of users in my mediaspace limited?
Add new users at any time in the settings of your Mediaspace.

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