pixx.io for organized Marketing teams

Marketing teams! You've come to the right place if you've been looking for a relaxed way to organize your images and media files. Finally, give feedback, manage licenses or share files without stress. With pixx.io, you'll always find the fun in working. Make every day an efficient day and add some spice to your team's life.

Finally, clear & organized

Finding and managing media files has never been easier. Find thousands of images in seconds and navigate your media space with pixx.io's H.U.L.A. (highly usable, less annoying) search. With all in one place, you'll have a chaos-free workspace!

Quick & easy collaboration

pixx.io simplifies your team's workflows. Quickly and efficiently manage licenses, vote for a new creative or share and collect files with co-workers.

Flexible & ever-adapting pixx.io

Whether you're a freelancer or work in a marketing team, pixx.io makes your life easier with only a few clicks. Just add more users and features as you go and as your needs grow.

Use Cases pixx.io simply makes your marketing life easier.

Self-service for your colleagues. Relaxation for you.

Would you please send me the logo? Which flyer can I use? With pixx.io, you'll no longer be pulled out of your marketing world by constant questions. Your colleagues from sales and other departments can instead help themselves in pixx.io's media space. They'll only see media files released by you and with valid licenses. You decide if and in which format downloads are possible.

Quick & easy feedback loops

You know the drill. Your co-workers from graphics send you drafts and need feedback. So you switch between chat, email, and project management, which creates pure chaos. But chaos no more! Give and receive feedback directly in your shared media space. Instantly share finished projects with all users. And record comments by multiple collaborators. Get the job done efficiently with pixx.io.

Efficient & relaxed collaboration

You want granular user permissions? No problem! Two clicks are all you need to create a sharable link. Easily set its validity if watermarks are displayed or if guests can download anything at all. Alongside that, effortlessly collect media files by creating an upload link. Give journalists or partners access to collections using pixx.io portals in the look and feel of your brand. Plus, you can keep your work safe with optional password protection.

1,000+ top brands swear by pixx.io - join them!

“We introduced pixx.io to professionalize the delivery of media within the company.”
Nicole Brandt Senior Marketing Manager
“Images and media are essential components of our business. And we've realized that the availability of images becomes a challenge, especially with an ever-growing team like ours. But with pixx.io, those problems disappeared in no time. Now, our company can quickly grow and with that our media pool. Plus, everyone can use the images in the size they need.”
Cora Schmelzer Creative director
“We're very satisfied. That's why we've already recommended pixx.io to some of our customers struggling with similar challenges.”
Vincent Efferoth Co-Founder and Managing Director

Integrations Connect pixx.io with all your favorite marketing tools

Are you creating a social media graphic in Canva or editing a blog post in Hubspot? Always have your files at hand and in the correct format regardless of the programs you're working in. Your pixx.io media space is consistently by your side and ready for use.

Microsoft Powerpoint

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