Brand Asset Management Software for Successful Brands

By using as the digital home of your corporate identity, you achieve efficient brand marketing for sustainable brand success. 

Brand Management Software
Organizing corporate designs in one place
Sharing and approving brand assets
Maintainning brand consistency across all channels

BUILD A STRONG BRAND What is Brand Asset Management Software?

Your brand represents more than just its products: It embodies the values and character of your company. Brand management is the strategy to strengthen your corporate identity - and a brand asset management system is the tool you need to create consistent brand experiences. It ensures that your brand leaves a positive and lasting impression at every touchpoint with your target audience.  

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BRAND LOYALTY AND TRUST Why is brand marketing important for your business?

Strong brand loyalty and trust drive your long-term success.  However, to accomplish this, you need to communicate your brand message clearly and consistently. Uniform brand assets help you do that.  By organizing your corporate design in one place and establishing clear rights and role structures, you make sure that your team and partners act in accordance with your brand.  


YOUR BRAND, OUR SOLUTION Brand Asset Management is that easy with

With's brand asset management software, you emphasize the strength of your brand identity and master even the most complex brand marketing challenges. We are your partner for building and maintaining your brand and support you in all important areas: 

Feedback, Versions & Variants Keep track of changes to your brand assets and coordinate feedback and modifications directly in Manage different versions and variants of your corporate designs and assets securely in the cloud.
Rights & Roles Stay in control of your brand consistency. Define clear rights and roles to ensure that your brand remains consistent and protected.
Portals & Sharing Work seamlessly with colleagues and external partners. Create custom portals to share assets and templates easily and securely with just a few clicks.
Global Presence Grow beyond yourself and dare to conquer international audiences. Effortlessly navigate brand assets for global markets while maintaining a clear focus on your brand core at all times.
Sharing & File Status Only share brand assets, content pieces, and marketing materials that are in line with your brand, and keep track of their usage. Keep what's outdated and no longer in line with your corporate identity safely in the archive.

OVERVIEW AND CONSISTENCY Solve difficult brand asset management challenges with ease

Brand asset management is a critical success factor that is essential but complex, especially during periods of growth. Coordinating logo variations and assets for global markets requires transparency, structure and efficiency. With you solve these brand marketing challenges by using seamless workflows, short feedback loops and versions. This keeps you in control of your brand and gives you room for growth.  

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With you organize your files more efficiently. Highest security standards, smart search and easy onboarding will help you to do so.
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