pixx.io for structured tourism teams

Do you work in tourism and manage large amounts of images daily? Does organizing and sharing those images cost you a lot of time and energy? If so, then it's about time to try out pixx.io. Create space for new ideas with pixx.io's easy, quick, and secure approach to work.

pixx.io for tourism teams

Security with license management

Rest easy knowing that pixx.io keeps you safe. Store licenses, model, or property releases and assign them to images. And if a license expires, you're automatically notified right away. Effortlessly ensure that you and your team only use legally protected images.

Data protection

Your media files are stored securely according to DIN and ISO standards at the Cloud Server locations in Germany. Security and data protection lie at pixx.io's core and are certified by TÜV with ISO 27001.

Easily share images

pixx.io is a convenient and secure alternative to email. Share images with just two clicks and decide on what recipients can access. Give them options to view or edit, download with or without watermarks, and customize any shared media. As for the press or partners, just create a portal. Sharing media files has never been easier!

USE CASES How tourism teams use pixx.io

Collect media files

Do you work with photographers or agencies in a tourism region or in city Marketing? If so, you've come to the right place. pixx.io enables you to simply collect any images and videos using an upload link. Plus, you decide where you want your files stored and which keywords or licenses are assigned to them. pixx.io brings structure and security to you and your team.

Licenses & user permissions

Image rights and property releases are daily companions in tourism, which means keeping track of everything isn't always easy. Worry no more! pixx.io allows you to store licenses, model, or property releases and directly attach them to the corresponding images during upload. So if a license expires, you're automatically notified right away.

Distribute images using portals

Are journalists and tour operators constantly asking you for images? Enough with the constant work disruption! Use pixx.io instead, and easily create and send them a link to your portal. They'll have access to whatever they need in just a few clicks. Manage user permissions, facilitate communication, and provide structure for your team.

Teams in the tourism industry love pixx.io

Logo des Unternehmens DUS Düsseldorf Airport
Logo des Unternehmens Ammergauer Alpen
Logo des Unternehmens Garmisch Partenkirchen
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“Licensing indicates to employees which image rights must be observed when passing on media; this applies in particular to passing on images to the press, tourist service partners and social media. This is a relief in the daily work for the whole team and ensures the safe handling of image rights.”
Doris Anette Schuetz von Luebeck travemuende
Doris Annette Schütz Head of press department

Finally, some structure & organization for you and your tourism team.

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