Plakat mit Tieren von Sofatutor
Logo des Unternehmens Sofatutor hilft sofatutor, seine Medien zu verwalten und zu organisieren.

“Through we can ensure an easy and efficient workflow in content production. We primarily implement in our production of educational videos and exercises.”
Katrin Brandt von Sofatutor
Kathrin Brandt Teamlead Creatives

More success stories

“We were on the lookout for a Solution that would structure our day-to-day digital work with all media.”
Logo des Unternehmens Berchtesgadener Land
Rahel Wohrle von Silviva
“ is very easy to use, self-explanatory, and helps make our image selection more diverse.”
Logo des Unternehmens Silviva
Initialen Johannes Roeser von Roeser
“After choosing, our media workflow instantly improved. Our team, from graphic designers to social media managers, and all other colleagues (in Marketing), access the same central media pool.”
Logo des Unternehmens Roeser Medienhaus

Organize media efficiently and effortlessly. See for yourself!

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