Keep everyone up to date using

Quickly release finished images, videos, and graphics in Adjust a file's status to enable access for corresponding users. Or label files as "archived".

Approve & release Quickly receive the green light & keep your media files flowing

Have access to a much-needed media file in a heartbeat. Sounds too good to be true? With, approving access requests and releasing files is quick & straightforward. To enable a media file for a co-worker, changing that file's status is all that needs to be done. And whatever you haven't chosen to release yet, you simply lock. This ensures that team members only use supported content. Gone are the days you have to chase after an approval. With, everyone is always up to date and only uses released files.

Head of Marketing
Set status
Status: released
Head of Sales Sales team gets access to selected media.
Portal Use portals to share media with colleagues or third parties. More info on portals
Status: declined Give feedback using comments.

Workflows Simplify your workflows with's "file status" feature

Did your team's graphic designers rework a flyer? Does the sales team now need access to the newer version ASAP? No problem! Easily adjust a file's status with's "file status" feature. Manage user permissions and specify whether particular individuals or teams have access to released images or other content. Customize's file status to fit your team's needs and work more efficiently.


Effortlessly organize and share your media files with

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