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“ is clear, intuitive, and easily understandable - all my colleagues would vouch for that. Our essential features include the keyword search, the WordPress plugin, and our graphic designers swear by the Adobe plugins.”
Micha Gab von viva con agua
Micha Gab Marketing & Communication

About Viva con Agua de St. Pauli e.V.

Viva con Agua is a network of organizations and people that advocates accessibility to clean drinking water for every human worldwide. For that reason, they implement so-called WASH (water - sanitary - hygiene) projects. Initially founded by former St. Pauli soccer player Benjamin Adrion, the organization is known for global campaigns supported by over 10000 volunteers in the past couple of years.
  • Non-profit organization
  • 20 employees
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Founded 2006

The challenge

1. Simplified image search
2. Efficient workflow

The starting point

“It was essential to Viva con Agua to portray their work within their development cooperation differently from the start. Many organizations still use images that strongly focus on hardships, whereas we employ a more positive approach. Our goal is to direct attention to the joyful, colorful, and positive sides to show how much potential change exists. Therefore, it's vital to convey that in our images and campaigns precisely. "Imagery and photos are our core element," explains Micha Gab, advisor for online marketing, Viva con Agua.

"Before switching over to, we worked with folder structures, transferred them to Dropbox, and attempted to do filing management ourselves. Still, we never had an overview of our media, which was frustrating. Employees often had difficulties finding specific photos with the many images we handle - especially if image search and research weren't their usual tasks." The organization quickly realized that it needed to start looking for an image management solution. "Honestly, we've needed a solution for a long time," Micha smiles.

Screenshot aus dem pixxio Mediaspace von viva con agua

The solution

"Simplifying image search is important to us," Micha explains regarding Viva con Agua's expectations of "We want to provide our employees with a photo selection that finds a needed motif relatively easily and effectively." That's what is all about! The software automatically assigns keywords to the media during upload, or you can individually set custom keywords. Also included in the system is deposited metadata. Thanks to the intelligent search function, all files can be retrieved and filtered within seconds, independent of location. This practical feature allows users in the communications and marketing team to gain smooth access to the software, be it in the office or on the road! "Employees from the communications team use the app, which gets them quick access on their work phones if needed for social media."

Next to the keyword search, Viva con Agua's favorite features include the plugin for WordPress and Adobe. "Our graphic designer was thrilled after finding out there was a plugin for Adobe. It makes her work so much easier and speeds up the entire workflow," explains Micha. " is a great tool that now lets us work with photos effectively.” Additionally, it saves us an incredible amount of time and allows us to work in various locations. also offers an excellent overview of images in its search functions, mainly because employees also get suggestions. So, if someone from our organization is looking for a particular photo, and a different, more suitable image then pops up through the search function, that's great!"

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“ is very easy to use, self-explanatory, and helps make our image selection more diverse.”
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