pixx.io simplifies and accelerates workflows at secunet

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“We introduced pixx.io to professionalize the delivery of media within the company.”
Nicole Brandt Senior Marketing Manager

About secunet

Germany's leading cybersecurity company provides federal ministries, DAX corporations, and national and international organizations with resilient digital infrastructures, e.g., through products and consulting. By doing this, they ensure the highest possible protection for data, applications, and digital identities.
  • IT Security
  • 700 + employees
  • Essen, Germany
  • Founded 1997

The challenge

1. Central provision of media
2. Optimization of internal workflows
3. Locating media quickly through self-service

The starting point

"We’re a growing company with increasing demands. This also affects the professionalism of our company's internal processes. In marketing, for example, we work with a variety of file formats, which we distribute throughout the company e.g., PowerPoints, videos, photos, and illustrations," Nicole Brandt, Senior Marketing Manager at secunet, tells us.

As the company continued to grow, so did the number of files and the challenge of managing them. Provisioning everything via drives worked fine for a while. Eventually, however, this system no longer met our demands and became obsolete," Nicole explains. So when we hit our limit with over 11,000 media files, we knew it was time to invest in a professional Digital Asset Management System. It was our goal to find a solution that wasn't just intuitive but also versatile. A solution that enabled all secunet employees to easily search and quickly find the materials they needed. All that, without having to rely on marketing support services - self-service, so to speak." And so pixx.io came into play.


The solution

So why did secunet choose to go with the Upper Bavarian SaaS provider? "Well, we were really convinced by pixx.io's interface to the "pixx.io portal" and its user-friendliness.

Everyone should always be able to quickly find the material they're looking for and need. That's why it's our priority to find the tool that employees feel comfortable with from the get-go. Particularly if we're to achieve a high level of consensus around it within the company. Therefore, the system must be intuitively usable for all, even for the few colleagues who only need documents from time to time. Thankfully, that's just what we found in pixx.io. pixx.io saves us all a lot of time and organizational effort. Especially since everyone at the company can view all files that we supply in marketing. Plus, all that employees have to do to download desired files in zip format is simply click "download" or use the shopping cart. Another handy tool is pixx.io's search function, implemented in a very user-friendly way. Content keywords (e.g., product names) can be paired with information about the desired file format, which allows for sophisticated filtering of results. Things couldn't be simpler."

secunet is passionate about pixx.io's search function. However, Nicole's personal favorite feature is the automatic converting of files: "It's ingenious to be able to store open files in the system. With pixx.io, our media files are always available precisely the way we need them. We just define which file formats the system should output and with which resolution. In this way, we in marketing ensure our colleagues receive media in the correct format at the optimum resolution straight away. And we do this throughout the company. As a result, everyone saves a lot of time in finding the right media they're looking for."

Nicole appreciates pixx.io and praises: "It's very nice to have found a partner that also focuses on optimized and smooth workflows. Collaboration with pixx.io is both personal and enriching. It's just a lot of fun."

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